A general treatise of agriculture, both philosophical and practical; displaying the arts of husbandry and gardening: in two parts. Part I. Of husbandry; Treats of the Nature of the Soil, Air, and Situation proper for the Production of Vegetables; the different Methods of Improving Lands; the Manner of Planting and Raising Timber; the Stocking of Farms with Cattle, Poultry, Fish, Bees, Grass, Grain, &c. with Estimates of the Profits arising thereon, &c. Part II. Of gardening; Treats of the Circulation of the Sap in Vegetables; the Generation of Plants, and their Distribution into Genera; the different Kinds and particular Management of Fruit and Fruit-Trees; the Methods of Grafting, Inarching, and Inoculating; the Dispositions of Gardens in General; the Cultivation and Improvement of the Kitchen and Pleasure Gardens; the Manner of managing Exotic Plants and Flowers, and naturalizing them to our Climate; together with an Account of Stoves, Artificial Heats, &c. Originally written by R. Bradley, Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge, and F.R.S. And now not only corrected and properly methodised, but adapted to the present practice, and improved with the late Theories, in many large Notes, wherein the several Methods of Culture, and the different Systems of Botany and Vegetation, according to the most approved Writers of the present Period upon these Subjects, are delivered. With a Compleat Index of all the Matters contained in the Book. Illustrated with twenty copper-plates.

Publication Date1757
Publisherprinted for W. Johnston, R. Baldwin, J. Fuller, J. Wren, W. Owen, G. Keith, A. Straham, T. Field, P. Davey and B. Law, E. Dilly, C. Henderson, A. Linde and J. Robinson


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