The famous tryal of the late reverend and learned Mr. James Grame, episcopal minister of Dunfermline; formerly Professor of Humanity at St. Andrew's, before the several courts of church judicature, in Scotland. Who was amongst other Things, Arraign'd by the Commissioners for the Kirk Session at Dunfermline, Condemn'd, and at last Depos'd by the Provincial Synod of Fyfe, on the 20th of June 1701, for having advanc'd and maintain'd Two of the Great and Capital Truths of the Christian Religion, viz. I. That Christ died for all those that Profess the Gospel. II. That he hath purchas'd Pardon and Salvation for them, upon Condition that they believe in Him, and Repent of their Sins. Being A True and Impartial Narrative of the Presbyterian Proceedings against Mr. Grame; Together with his Defences at large. The whole writ by the Defendant soon after he was depos'd, and now first publish'd for the Information of such as are Strangers to the Doctrine and Tenets of Presbyterians

Publication Date1719
Publisherprinted for J. Bettenham at the Crown in Pater noster Row



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