The anglers sure guide: or, angling improved, and methodically digested; Shewing, I. When, and how to gather and provide the best Materials for Fishing Tackle. II. The most proper Baits to delude and take all sorts of Fresh-Water-Fish. III. How to make, order, preserve and use such Tackie and Baits. IV. The Names, Nature, &c. and Medicinal Vertues of those Fish. V. Their Haunts, Spawning-Times and Season. VI. The worst and best Seasons and Times to angle for them. Vii. The best and aptest ways of taking them by Angling, &c. Viii. The various and choicest ways of dressing 'em. IX. How to make, store, order and preserve Fish-Ponds, Stews, and Fish. X. Wherein the Angler is punishable by Law, if he invade another's Right by Angling. XI. How the Angler may lawfully defend himself, if wrongfully disturbed in his Angling. XII. Some Presidents of Licenses to angle in another's Fishery. Together with many other useful and pleasant Varieties, suitable to the Recreation of Angling. Adorned with copper cuts. By R. H. Esq; near 40 Years a Practitioner in this Art

Publication Date1706
Publisherprinted by J. H. for G. Conyers at the Ring, and T. Ballard at the Rising Sun, in Little-Brittain



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