The catechism of the church of England explained, by short and practical discourses to each question and answer

Publication Date1772
RemainderIn five parts. Containing I. What must be done by every Christian, with regard to the three great Duties, which he promised, by his Godfathers and Godmothers, in the most solemn Manner, at his Baptism to perform. II. An Explication of the Apostles Creed, in separate Articles, according to the Order in which they stand in the said Creed. III. An Explication of the Decalogue or Ten Commandments, as they stand divided into two Tables. IV. An Explication of the Lord's Prayer in separate Petitions, with the Reason why the Doxology is omitted in that Prayer, as placed in the said Catechism. V. An Explication of the Two Sacraments. viz. Baptism, and the Lord's Supper, according to the Notion that the Church of England has of them, in Contradistinction from other Churches, but especially the Church of Rome, and the People called Quakers. To all which is subjoin'd an appendix in three parts. I. Concerning the Nature and Use of Confirmation in the Christian Church. II. Concerning the Last Day, or great and general Day of Judgment. III. Containing some Devotions, both for the Family and the Closet. The whole designed to be read, not only in private Families, but in Schools, by Boys of a superior Class, to the rest in the same School, to enable them to pronounce their Words with proper Emphases and Cadences, and thereby banish from thence all idle Plays, which are too apt to give an ill Turn of Thought, and therefore are very dangerous. By Thomas Dilworth, Author of the New Guide to the English Tongue, Schoolmasters Assistant, &c. &c. and Schoolmaster in Wapping
Extentxvi[ie xv],[1],224,[2]p.,plate
Publisherprinted and sold by Richard and Henry Causton (successors to the late Mr. Henry Kent) at the Printing Office, No. 21, in Finch-Lane, near the Royal Exchange



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