A catalogue of several valuable libraries, lately purchased; particularly those of John Wills, D. D. Prebendary of Sarum, and of a commissioner of the excise, Both lately Deceased

Publication Date1767
RemainderThe Whole forming A fine Collection of Books in all Arts and Sciences, and in every Branch of Polite Literature. Among them are, in Folio, De Lisle's Atlas. Ruins of Palmyra, fine plates. Ruins of Balbec, fine Impression. Ruins of Greece, in Russia. Merian Insect. Surinamensia. Hortus Cliffortianus, in Russia. Hortus Amstelodamensis, 2 vol. ... Herodotus, Gronovii, chart. max. Herodotus, Wesselingii. Platarch, Rualdi, 2 vol. Paris. Plutarch, 2 vol. apud Aldum. Aristoteles, a Du Val. 2 vol. Dion Cassius, Reimari, 2 vol. Hoffmanni Lexicon, 4 vol. Vocabulario Potuguaz, pelo Bluteau, 6 vol. Dictionaire de Marteniere, Bayle, & Moreri. Rymer's Foedera, 20 vol. Journals of the House of Commons, 20 vol. Field's largest Bible, in Morocco. Patrick, Lowth, and Whitby on the Bible, 6 vol. Bp. Gibson's Codex, 2 vol. new edit. ... Religious Ceremonies, 6 vol. Rapin's History, and Continuation, 5 vol. sinely bound. Biographia Britannica. 7 vol. eccsieat. Horseley's Britannia Romana, large paper. Dugdale's Antiq of Warwickshire, 2 vol. large paper, Russia. Borlase's Antiq. & Nat. Hist. of Cornwall. Blomefield's History or Norfolk, 3 vol. ... Russia. Albin's Birds and Insects, 4 vol. coloured. Edwards's Birds, 7 vol. coloured. Milton's Works, compleat, 5 vol royal 4to. Pope's Homer, 11 vol. royal 4to. Compleat Sett of Elzevir Classics, 45 vol. in Morocco. which will be sold, the Prices printed in the Catalogue, on Monday the 9th of August 1767, and continue daily on Sale, by John Whiston, Bookseller, At No. 64, in Fleet-Street.


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