The English hero

Publication Date1710
RemainderOr, Sir Francis Drake reviv'd being a full account of the dangerous voyages, admirable adventures, notable discoveries, and magnanimous atchievements of that valiant and renowned commander. I. His voyage in 1572; to nombre de dios in the West Indies, where they saw a pile of bars of silver near 70 foot long, ten foot broad, and twelve foot high. II. His incompassing the whole world in 1577. Which he perform'd in two years and ten months, gaining a vast quantity of gold and silver. III. His voyage into America in 1585, and taking the towns of St. Jago, St. Domingo, carthagena and St. Augustine. Also his worthy actions when vice-admiral of England in the Spanish invasion, 1588. IV. His last voyage in those countries in 1595, with the manner of his death and burial. Recommended to the imitation of all heroick spirits. Inlarged, reduced into chapters with contents, and beautified with pictures. By R.B
PublisherPrinted for Bath, Crouch at the Bell against Grocers-Alley in the Poultry near Cheapside

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