The suffolk parricide

Publication Date1740
Remainderbeing, the trial, life, transactions, and last dying words, of Charles Drew, of Long-Melford, in the County of Suffolk; Who was executed at St. Edmund's-Bury, on Wednesday the 9th of April, for the inhuman Murder of his Father, Charles John Drew, Esq; Attorney at Law, by shooting him thro' the Body, at his own House, on Thursday the 31st of January 1739-40. Containing. 1. An Account of his Extravagancies and Debaucheries which drove him to Necessity, and induced him to commit this horrid Fact. 2. The Scheme he laid to perpetrate it; his getting acquainted with John Humphreys; the Manner in which he prevailed upon him to undertake the Murder of his Father; and the Reasons that induced him thereto. 3. A particular Account of the Execution of the Fact, of Humphreys's refusing to do it; and of Charles Drew (the Son) taking the Musket from Humphreys, and shooting his Father. 4. His Behaviour afterwards, and his getting Mr. Gent to draw up an Advertisement, and offering a Reward for apprehending the Murderer, in order to screen himself, and take off the Suspicion of his being concerned. 5. The Means of discovering it by Mr. Mace, and true Copies of the Letters that were produced, and by which they got an Insight into the whole Affair. 6. The Manner in which it was discovered; an Account of Drew's Examination, and Copies of the Informations given before Col. de Veil, and his being sent to Newgate. 7. His Behaviour there, and endeavouring to corrupt Jonathan Keate, the Turnkey, to let him escape. 8 His Trial at large at the Assizes held at St. Edmund's Bury. By a gentleman of Long-Melford
Publisherprinted for J. Standen, at D'anvers's-Head, Old Baily

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