The trials of all the prisoners who were try'd at the Assizes held at Maidstone

Publication Date1750
Remainderfor the county of Kent, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, being the 19th, 20th, 21st, 22d, and 23d of March, 1749-50, before the Hon. Sir Thomas Denison, Knt. one of the Judges of the Court of King's Bench. In which are the Remarkable Trials of John Stone, late of Challock Lees, for maliciously and wickedly setting Fire to the Barn, Corn and Hay-Ricks of Mr. John Clarke of Throwleigh; John Collington, a Gentleman Farmer of a considerable Estate, for counselling, abetting, aiding and hiring the said John Stone to commit the said wicked Act; also of Benjamin Baker and Francis Foster, for robbing on the High-Way; William Randal, for stealing a Marc; Henry Farleys, for robbing his Master, the late Mr. Clarke, of Denton, of 14 l. 18s. John Williams, for breaking open the House of Richard May, of St. Cosmus and Damian in the Bleaue, in the Night-Time, and stealing and taking away a Silver Watch, the Property of Stephen Gammon, who received Sentence of Death. Likewise Of James Lawrenson, for a Rape on Fanny Collier, a Child of Ten Years old; William Barlow, for a Rape on Mary Ray, the Wife of William Ray of Cliffe; Thomas Munn, for sending several threatening Letters to Michael Comport, of Cobham in Kent, and Stephen Barret and Joseph Gregory, for going in Disguise to the Barn of the abovementioned John Clarke of Throwleigh, and forcibly taking him from thence, beating him, and firing a Carbine and Pistol at him, for which Purpose they were hired by the abovesaid John Collington
Publisherprinted for G. Griffith, the Corner of Elliot's Court, in the Little Old Bailey

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