The art of cookery, made plain and easy

Publication Date1747
Remainderwhich far exceeds any thing of the kind ever yet published. Containing, I. Of Roasting, Boiling, &c. II. Of Made-Dishes. III. Read this Chapter, and you will find how Expensive a French Cook's Sauce is. IV. To make a Number of pretty little Dishes fit for a Supper, or Side-Dish, and little Corner-Dishes for a great Table; and the rest you have in the Chapter for Lent. V. To dress Fish. VI. Of Soops and Broths. Vii. Of Puddings. Viii. Of Pies. IX. For a Fast-Dinner, a Number of good Dishes, which you may make use of for a Table at any other Time. X. Directions for the Sick. XI. For Captains of Ships. XII. Of Hog's Puddings, Sausages, &c. XIII. To Pot and Make Hams, &c. XIV. Of Pickling. XV. Of Making Cakes, &c. XVI. Of Cheesecakes, Creams, Iellies, Whip Syllabubs, &c. XVII. Of Made Wines, Brewing, French Bread, Muffins, &c. XVIII. Jarring Cherries, and Preserves, &c. XIX. To Make Anchovies, Vermicella, Catchup, Vinegar, and to keep Artichokes, French-Beans, &c. XX. Of Distilling. XXI. How to Market, and the Seasons of the Year for Butcher's Meat, Poultry, Fish, Herbs, Roots, &c. and Fruit. XXII. A certain Cure for the Bite of a Mad Dog. By Dr. Mead. XXIII. A Receipt to keep clear from Buggs. By a lady
Publisherprinted for the author, and sold at Mrs. Wharton's toy-shop, the Bluecoat-Boy, near the Royal-Exchange ; at Mrs. Ashburn's china-shop, the Corner of Fleet-Ditch ; at Mrs. Condall's toy-shop, the King's Head and Parrot, in Holborn ; at Mr. Underwood's toy-shop, near St. James's-Gate ; and at most market-towns in England


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