A catalogue of scarce and curious books

Publication Date1782
RemainderContaining several valuable collections lately purchased; being the second part of Henry Chapman's catalogue for 1782. Amongst others, equally good, are the following: folio and quarto. Wood's ruins of Palmyra and Balbec, first impressions. Stuart's antiiq. of Athens Campbell's vitruvious Britannicus, 2 vol. large and small paper ditto, by Wolfe and Gandon, vol. 4. ... Demosthenes, a Taylor, 2 vol. 4to. Campbell's political surey, 2 vol. Casley's catalogue of the MSS. in the King's Library Lewis's life of Caxton, 8vo. large paper, very rare the books in general are in good condition, and many in elegant bindings; Which are now on sale, and selling very cheap, for ready money only, this day, July 1, 1782, and continue on sale, By Henry Chapman, bookseller, Old Round Court, Strand; near Chandois Street. Catalogues to be had, (with prices printed, price 6d. allowed to purchasers) of the following booksellers; Mr. Sewell, Cornhill; Mr. Collins, Change Alley; Mr. King, Moorfields; Mr. Haye, No. 332, Oxford Street; Mess, Merrill's, Cambridge; Mess. Fletcher, Oxford; and at the place of sale. N.B. The full value given for any library or parcel of books


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