A bill for opening and making a new road from the east end of New-Street in the parish of Saint John, Southwark, along a street called Saint Saviour's Dock-head in the parishes of Saint John in Southward, and Saint Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, to Millpond-Bridge in the parish of Rotherhith; and from thence to the New Halfway-House in the same parish, and through Upper Rogues Lane to the east end thereof; and likewise from the said New Halfway-House to the south corner of Red-house Lane, in the parishes of Saint Paul and Saint Nicholas, Deptford; and through the said Lane, and a street called Grove-Street, to the said Lane called Upper Rogues Lane, in the said parish of Rotherhith; and also from the south corner of Old Red-house Lane aforesaid, to the south end of Butt-Lanne, in the said parish of Saint Paul, Deptford; and for keeping the said road in repair for the future

Publication Date1749

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