A collection for the improvement of husbandry and trade

Publication Date1727
RemainderConsisting of many valuable materials relating to corn, cattle, coals, hops, wool, &c. With a compleat catalogue of the several sorts of earths, and their proper product; the best sorts of manure for each; with the art of draining and flooding of lands; as also full and exact histories of trades, as malting, brewing, &c. the description and structure of instruments for husbandry, and carriages, with the manner of their imrovement; an account of the rivers of England, &c. and how far they may be made navigable; of weights and measures, of woods, cordage, and metals; of building and stowage the vegetation of plants, &c. with many other useful particulars, communicated by several eminent members of the Royal Society, to the collector, John Houghton, F.R.S. Now revised, corrected, and published, with a preface and useful indexes, by Richard Bradley, F.R.S. and professor of botany in the University of Cambridge. In three volumes
Extent4 v.
Publisherprinted for Woodman and Lyon in Russel-Street, Covent Garden


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