The ship-Master's assistant and owner's manual

Publication Date1788
Remaindercontaining complete information, as well to merchants, masters of ships, and persons employed in the merchant service, as to Officers and others in the Royal Navy, relative to the mercantile and maritime laws and customs. In the Course of which, The following Subjects are particularly elucidated: 1. Disbursements, and Other Ship-Accounts. 2. Tables useful in Maritime Affairs. 3. Freight. 4. Charter-Parties. 5. Demurrage. 6. Insurance. 7. Bottomry. 8. Salvage. 9. Averages. 10. Privateers. 11. Quarantine. 12. Bills of Exchange. 13. Navigation-Acts, 14. Smuggling-Acts. 15. Acts for Indemnifying Owners. 16. Manifest-Act. 17. Fisheries in the Greenland Seas and Davis's Streights. 18. Southern Whale-Fishery 19. British Fisheries. 20. Newfoundland Fisheries. 21. Impressing. 22. Slave-Trade. 23. Duty of Masters and Mariners, &c. &c. The whole compiled from undoubted authority, and the Acts of Parliament faithfully abridged, by a gentleman of the Inner Temple
Publisherprinted for D. Steel, at the Navigation-Warehouse, No 1, Union-Row, Little Tower-Hill


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