"thou shalt not steal."

Publication Date1798
RemainderThe School for ingratitude: a comedy, in five acts. Presented - to a manager of Drury-Lane, in March 1797: * Curtailed-by his Direction, and returned to him in May: Finally-And after the Comedy, or Farce in Five Acts, called ``cheap Living'' (so like it, in many Points!-in one, so unlike it!) had been produced at Drury-Lane, Returned;-With a Note from A Prompter; which the Author has not perused- * Further curtailments being avowedly reserved for the day which-ought to have come.
PublisherPrinted for-the Curious in Literary-Shall we say- Coincidence - - See the Preface-And then-the Play. to be had of J. Bell, No. 148, Oxford-Street


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