Report of the Lords of the Committee of Council

Publication Date1785
Remainderappointed for the consideration of all matters relating to Trade and Foreign Plantations, upon the two questions Referred to them by His Majesty's Order in Council, of the 14th of January last, viz. I. Upon the Propriety of reducing the Duties payable in Great-Britain on the Importation of Goods, the Growth and Manufacture of Ireland, to the same Rate as the Duties payable in Ireland on the Importation of the like Goods, the Growth and Manufacture of Great-Britain. II. What References are now given to the Importation of any Article, the Growth, Produce, or Manufacture of Ireland, by any Duty or Prohibition on the Importation, Use, or Sale of the like Articles from Foreign Parts; and how far it may be the Interest of Great-Britain in future to continue or alter the same.
Publisherprinted by J. Almon, No. 183, Fleet-Street


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