The royal golden instructor for youth throughout the British-Dominions

Publication Date1775
Remainderin order to furnish them with a compleat knowledge of their mother-language: being a copious abridgment of the Royal universal British grammar and vocabulary; From which is drawn every Essential. The regular Words of each Part of Speech are separated from the Irregular. The Accidents (by which a Parallel is formed correspondent to the Latin, French, and other Tongues) are placed to an admirable Advantage. In this Work the Etymology of the English Language is amply illustrated: True Orthography or Spelling naturally follows, and the proper Accents accurately marked, &c. Lessons Are formed after all the Parts of Speech for parsing and challenging the foregoing Instructions. The Whole erects a Standard for the most easy and perfect Attainment and Understanding of the English-Language, with its grammatical Circumstances; and both Teacher and Learner will discover inexpressible Pleasure and Utility. Practice in Art removes Difficulty. By D. Farroe, M. D.
PublisherPrinted for the author (according to Act of Parliament,) and sold by him at No.6, in the Horse-Fair, Bristol;---also sold by John Rivington, Bookseller, at No. 62, in St. Paul's Church-Yard, London. - ---And most booksellers throughout the British Empire. N. B. None are genuine but those signed by the Author's Hand or stamp'd with his Cypher


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