The new spelling dictionary

Publication Date1773
Remainderteaching to write and pronounce the English tongue with easy and propriety; In which each Word is accented according to its just and natural Pronunciation; the Part of Speech is properly distinguished, and The various Significations are ranged in one Line; With a list of proper names of men and women. The whole compiled and digested in a manner entirly new, to make it a complete pocket companion for those Who read Milton, Pope, Addison, Shakespeare, Tillotson and Locke, or other English Authors of Repute in Prose or verse: And in particular to assist young People, Artificers, Trade Men and Foreigners, desirous to understand what they speak, read and write. To which is prefix'd, a grammatical introduction to the English Tongue. By the Rev. John Entick, A. M. Editor of Littleton's Latin and English D[i]ctionary, and Schrevelius's Greek Lexicon. A new edition, carefully revised and corrected; to which are now added, above five thousand Words which were not in any former Impression; with, An exact List of all the Cities, Boroughs, and Market Towns in England and Wales; the Days on which their Markets are held, and their distance from London in measured Miles.
Publisherprinted for Edward and Charles Dilly, in the Poultry; and sold by Messrs. Kincaid and Creech, at Edinburgh


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