The history of the giants

Publication Date1800
RemainderContaining their barbarous treatment of kings, queens, princesses, Ladies, Knights, 'squires, &c. whom they made their Prisoners. An Account of their Castles and inchanted Castles, built by Necro nancers; and of other Castles, which were guarded by them and several wild Monsters. Their Combats and Battles, and how they were slain by Christian Knights; a Description of them, their Deaths, and how these Knights delivered several Kings, Queens, Ladies, &c. from Captivity. With A particular Account of the great Giants, Brandamour and Siradon, who were overcome by Sir Morris, General of King Rimuer's Army. How Sir Thomas Killed the Giant Surandrag, and cut off the Head of the Giant Bombomachides, the Brother of Surandrag. How the Giant Trapsaca, having killed all the Servants of the Princess of Hungary was overcome by Sir Firebrrse, who also killed the Giant and Sorcerer Aldrovandi, who changed himself into a wild Boar, and afterwards into a frightful Dragon, &c. The comical Adventures of valiant John, who, by his Stratagems, killed several Giants. How the Giant Norfandal and his Brother were killed by the Knight of the Red Cross, &c. Lastly, how Sir Alan killed the Giant Danagelfe, who kept his father and Mother in Prison; and afterwards married the Queen of the Unknown Island, with a Relation of a strange Delusion, with which she entertained Knights and Ladies at her Court.
Publisherprinted by T. Sabine and Son, 81 Shoe Lane, Fleet Street

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