The British diary

Publication Date1746
Remainderbeing an ephemeris for the year of our Lord God, 1746. Being the Second after Bissextile or Leap-Year. The seventh impression. Wherein are contained the Planets Diurnal Motions, their Aspects and Latitudes; Eclipses, Lunations, Length of Days, the Sun's Rising and Setting for three several Latitudes. The Moon's Rising, Southing, and Setting. With Astrological Observations on the Solar Ingresses, and a short Discourse on the late Great Comet. A Table of Houses for the Latitude of London 51- 32-, and many Tables and Things fit for such a Work. Calculated for the Latitude of London 51- 32-. By John Sharp, Student in the Coelestial Sciences. Imprimatur Thomas Cartwright
Publisherprinted by T. Parker, for the Company of Stationers



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