A collection of seventeen practical sermons on various and important subjects

Publication Date1756
RemainderPreached and Published separately on divers Occasions, but mostly out of Print. To which is added, a ministerial exhortation. Serm. I. The Evil of Self-Seeking, on Philip. II. 21. Page 1 II. God's Alarm to Great Britain, on Amos III.2. p. 25 III. Youth reminded of a Judgment to come, on Eccles. XI. 9. p. 50 IV. Youth's Obstructions in their Way to Christ and Eternal Life, on Matt. XIX. 22. p. 77 V. Early Seekers of Christ Directed and Encouraged, on Prov. VIII. 17. p. 104 VI. And yet there is Room, &c. on Luke XIV. 22. p. 131 VII. A Religious Education recommended, on Prov. XXII. 6. p. 156 VIII. The Improvement of Present Time, on Eccles. IX. 10. p. 182 IX. The Tendency of Liberality to Riches, and of Covetousness to Poverty, on Prov. XI. 24. p. 203 Serm. X. Reformation upon the Gospel Scheme, on Heb. IX. 10. Page 227 XI. The Minister's Plea for the People's Prayers, on 1 Thess. V. 25. p. 256 XII. The Character of Gospel Ministers, on 1 Cor. IV. 1. p. 280 XIII. The Excellency of a judicious Love, and of Sincerity, &c. on Phil. I. 9, 10, 11. p. 306 XIV. The Faith and Order of the Gospel recommended, on Col. II. 5. 327 XV. The Reasonableness and Advantage of a Believer's dying, on John XI. 25, 26. p. 349 XVI. Christ the Believer's Life and Death his Gain on Phil. I. 21. 377 XVII. The Unchangeable Duration of God's Kindness and Covenant, on Isaiah Liv. 10. p. 405 XVIII. A Ministerial Exhortation on I Tim. IV. 16. p. 428 By John Guyse, D. D.
Publisherprinted for Edward Dilly at the Rose and Crown in the Poultry; and sold by J. Buckland at the Buck in Pater-Noster Row, and T. Field at the Wheat-Sheaf, Cheapside


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