Authentick memoirs of the life and infamous actions of Cardinal Wolsey

Publication Date1731
RemainderTo a certain Gentleman, who takes the Character of Cardinal Wolsey to Himself. An Epigram. How vain, Sir Knight, is thy affected Rage, That Thou and Wolsey, in the self-same Page, Stand charg'd Alike?-The Cardinal, 'tis true, Had many publick Vices; - so hast Thou: But He had Virtues, as his Foes agree; Which, thy Friends own, are wanting all in Thee; Tho' proud, corrupt, ambitious, and severe, Still to the Muse He lent a gracious Ear; Learned Himself, to Learning was a Friend; Himself, adorn'd with Arts, did Arts defend; Whilst all Thy Knowledge is confin'd to Gain; To Funds, and Stocks, and Bribes, thy (country's Bane; His publick Spirit lives in Christ-Church Dome; Thy Charity begins, and ends at Home. Craftsman, March 16, 1728-9.

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