Popery truly stated

Publication Date1726
RemainderAnd Briefly Confuted. In three parts. I. The first treating, of the general doctrines of the Romanists; concerning church-authority, the unity of the church, catholicism, &c. II. The second, of their particular corruptions. III. The third, of their fallacious reasonings, by which They endeavour to seduce Protestants: With other Observations, and Directions. As it was delivered in several Sermons, Preached at Christ-Church, London; St. Martin's in the Fields, Westminster; and the Old-Jewry, London. By Joseph Trapp, M. A. Vicar of Christ-Church, and Lecturer of the other Two Parishes. Published at the Request of many of the Auditors
Publisherprinted for Joseph Smith, at Inigo Jones's Head, near Exter-'change in the Strand; Jonah Bowyer, at the Rose, and J. Batley, at the Dove, in Pater-Noster Row




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