Bibliotheca Groenewegeana

Publication Date1729
Remainderbeing a catalogue of the stock of John Groenewegen; Containing Several scarce Books collected in France, Italy, Germany and Holland. Books of Mathematicks, Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Antiquities, Medals, Geography, History, Genealogies, Voyages, Divinity, Philosophy, Physick, Natural History, Law, Oratory, Poetry, and Polite Literature. To be sold by auction, on Monday the 10th of March, 1728-9, at Paul's Coffee-House, at the West End of St. Paul's, at Six of the Clock precisely, and to continue every Evening till all are Sold. By Thomas Ballard. The Books may be view'd three Days before the Sale begins. Catalogues are to be had at Mr. Lewis's, near Covent-Garden; Mr. King's in Westminster-Hall; Mr. Strahan's in Cornhill; Mr. Mount's on Tower-Hill; Mr. Clement's in Oxford; Mr. Thurlborn's, and Mr. Bonnor's in Cambridge; and at the Place of Sale. (price Sixpence.)


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