An epistle from the bottle conjurors to the Gothamites

Publication Date1749
RemainderContaining The Eighth Chapter of the Acts of the Seducers, Sharpers and Conjurors in three Parts. Part the First, Wherein the Conjuror proposes to form a new World from a Magick Egg to perform many wonderful things, and to jump into a Quart Bottle. Part the Second. A full and true account of the Tragi-Comical Farce, as it was acted at the Theatre in the Hay-Market, on Monday the 16th of January, 1748-9. Part the Third. Harlequin's Epistle to the People of the two great Cities, and his Escape by Virtue of a Funnel from a Quart Bottle, as it is acted at the Theatre in Covent-Garden. Miscellany Poems, on Gothamites, Almanacks, Writers, Fortune-Tellers, Courtiers, Priests, Quacks, Lawyers, Gamesters, Sharpers; in Hudibrastick verse. The Coach - maker's Wedding. A Song. On St. Stephen's Martyrdom, the 27th of December, being Maria's Birth-Day. Bob's Birth-Day, a Tale. Printed from the Manuscript of Signore Dolocio Ufrontorio, Son to the Wonder Working Chymist, lately Deceas'd in Alsatia
Publisherprinted for R. Freeman, near St. Paul's, and B. Habrin in Jerman-Street


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