An abstract of an Act of Parliament Passed in the Thirteenth Year of his present Majesty King George the Third

Publication Date1789
Remainderof Great Britain, &c. Impowering The Magistrates therein mentioned to settle and regulate the Prices of Journeymen Silk Weavers, working within their respective Jurisdictions: together with the order of sessions, and the prices or wages of the journeymen silk weavers, as settled and regulated by the said Magistrates in July and October 1784.
Publisherprinted for and sold by James Farham. No. 92, Brick-Lane, Bethnal-Green; Robert Graley, King-Street, Spitalfields; Spire Holloway, Spicer-Street, near Hunt-Street; John Shaw, No. 2, Old Nichols-Street; and David Peden, No. 5, Chapel-Yard, Wheeler-Street; for the Benefit of the Trade in general. May also be had at the Bricklayer's Arms or Air Balloon, and the Adam and Eve, Brick-Lane, Bethnal-Green

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