The sacred classics defended and illustrated

Publication Date1725
Remainderor, an essay humbly offer'd towards proving the purity, propriety, and true eloquence of the writers of the New Testament. In two parts. In the First of which Those Divine Writers are vindicated against the Charge of barbarous Language, false Greek, and Solecisms. In the Second is shewn, That all the Excellencies of Style, and sublime Beauties of Language and genuine Eloquence do abound in the Sacred Writers of the New Testament. With An Account of their Style and Character, and a Representation of their Superiority, in several Instances, to the best classics of Greece and Rome. To which are subjoin'd proper Indexes. By A. Blackwall, M.A
Publisherprinted by J. Bettenham, for C. Rivington, at the Bible and Crown in St. Paul's Churchyard, and W. Cantrell bookseller in Derby





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