A catalogue of the library of the Rev. John Bowle, M. A. F. S. A

Publication Date1790
RemainderLate of Idmiston, near Salisbury, and Editor of Don Quixote in Spanish, with Notes and various Readings: with several other collections, Containing the most valuable Books in every Language and Class of Learning. Jacquin, Stirpes Americanae, finely coloured. Jacquin, Icones Plant, rar. 11 fascic. dep. Jacquin, Flora Austr. 5 vol. c. m. depict. Plenck, Plantae Medicinales, 6 fascic dep. Flora Rossica, cura Pallas, vol. 1, 2 pts dep. Flora Danica, Oederi, &c. 16 fas. cleg. dep. Kniphosii Botan. in Orig. 4 vol. 1200 fig. Weinmanni Phytantheza, 8 vol. fig. dep. Hedwig, Plantae Cryptogamicae, 8 fas. dep. Herbarium Black wellianum, 6 vol. depict. Herbarium Amboinense, Rumphii, 7 vol. Hortus Eystettensis, cura Besleri, 3 vol. Robert, Plant. grav. par Ordre de Louis XIV Mr. Pennant's British Zoology, coloured. J. F. Miller's Non-Des. Anim. Plants, &c. Catesby's Nat. Hist. of Carolina, 2 vol. col. ... Thesaurus Rerum Naturalium, 4 vol. Aldrovandi Opera omnia, 13 vol. Fritsch's Nat. Hist. of Birds, coloured. Bloch's Fishes, 6 vol. beautifully coloured. King of Denmark's Book of Shells, col. Bar. Born's Shells, and Martyn's Shells, col. Martini's Shells, and Buonanni's Shells, col. Knorr's Petrifactions, and his Museum, col. M. Merian's Surinam Insects, orig. ed. col. Zoolog. Danica, Mulleri, 3 vol. c. m. dep. Sloane's & Browne's Nat. Hist. of Jamaica Mr. Pennant's Works, 16 vol. compl. eleg. Buffon, Oiseaux, & Planches col. 10 tom. Edwards's, Brown's and Albin's Birds, col. Ernst, Papillons D'europe, 6 tom. enlum. Cramer, Papillons Exotiq. 4 tom. enlum. Schaefferi Insecta & Fungi, 8 vol. depict. Luffon, Oeuvres, 37 tom. 4 to. complets. Piranesi's Works, complete, 19 vol. fine. G. Duke of Tuscany's Gallery of Paintings. La Galerie de Luxembourg, first impress. Crozat's Collect. of Paint. 2 vol. first im. Sir W. Hamilton's Etruscan Vases, 4 vol. Passeri's Etruscan Vases, 3 vol. coloured. Antichita di Ercolano, 8 vol. eleg. bound. Ruins of Rome, Ath. Palm. &c. 11 vol. eleg. Montfaucon, Antiquites, 15 tom. best edit. Museum Florentinum, 12 vol. fine impr. Museum Capitolinum, 4 vol. comp. eleg. Ceremonies Religieuses, 7 tom. gr. pap. Blaeu's Great Atlas, 11 vol. coloured. D'anville's and Robert's Atlas, coloured. Cowper's Anatomy, Oxford, L P. red lett. Plinii Historia Nat. Harduini. 3 vol. c. m. Virgilius, 2 vol. MS. on Vel. with Illum. Apollonius Rhodius, Gr. editio princeps. Anthologia Gr. editio princeps. Diogenes Laertius, 2 vol. charta max. Barbou's Claslics, 70 vol. Morocco. Meninski, Thesaurus Ling. Orient. 4 vol. Mabillon, Carpen. & Walther, de Re Dipl. Corps Diplomatique, 20 tom. complets. Encyclopedie, 35 tom. complets. Par. edit. Traite des Arts & des Metiers, 26 tom. com. Blomefield's and Parkins's Norfolk, 5 vol. Holingshed's Chronicles, 3 vol. with Castr. Froissart's Chronicle, by Ld. Berners, Russ. Grafton's Chronicle, very fine copy, Russ. Philosophical Transactions, 59 vol. T. Hearne's Works, complete, 63 vol. Monthly Review, 82 vol. complete. Gentleman's Magazine, 66 vol. comp. The Sale will begin on Tuesday, January 19, 1790. By Benjamin White and Son, Booksellers, at Horace's Head, in Fleet-Street, London. N. B. The lowest Prices are marked in the Catalogue, and in the first Leaf of every Book. Catalogues may be had at the Place of Sale; of Mr. Faulder, New Bond-Street; Mr. Debrett, Piccadilly; Mr. Sewell, in Cornhill; the Booksellers of Oxford, Cambridge, and the principal Towns of England: also of Mr. Richard White, Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer, No 76, Oxford-Street, opposite the Pantheon.

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