Bibliotheca Antonij Collins, arm. or, A complete catalogue of the library of Antony Collins, Esq; deceas'd

Publication Date1731
RemainderContaining a collection of several thousand volumes in Greek, Latin, English, French, and Spanish; in divinity, history, antiquity, philology, husbandry, and all polite literature: and especially many curious travels and voyages; and many rare and valuable pamphlets. Which will begin to be sold at St. Paul's Coffee-House in Paul's Church-Yard, on Tuesday the 10th day of March, 1730/1, begining every evening at five a clock. By Thomas Ballard. Part II. Catalogues to be had at Mr. Stagg's in Westminster-Hall, Mr. Hardin in St. Martin's Lane, Mr. Brindley in Bond-Street, Mr. Lewis's in Covent Garden, Mr. Provost's in the Strand, Mr. Brown's at Temple-Bar, Mr. Strahan at the Royal Exchange, Mr. Mount on Tower-Hill, and at the place of sale


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