A catalogue of many thousand volumes of curious and valuable books

Publication Date1768
RemainderIncluding the Libraries of The Rev. Charles Reynolds, D.D. Chancellor of the Diocese of Lincoln; and of George Lodington, Esq; Of Bracebridge in Lincolnshire; both deceased. Together with Several other valuable Collections of Books lately purchased. Among which are The Luxembourg Gallery, by Rubens The Farnesian Gallery, by Caracci Teniers's Gallery, fine impression Cabinet de Crozat, 2 tom. Ruins of Palmyra, fine impression Ruins of Balbec, fine impression Ruins of Greece, in Russia Perrier's and Dalton's Statues Raphael's Scripture Prints Society of Antiquaries' Prints Churchill's Collection of Voyages, 8 vol. Harris's Voyages, 2 vol. Russia Rapin's History and Continuation, 5 vol. Ancient and Modern History, 35 vol. Rymeri Foedera, 20 vol. Dugdale Monasticon Anglicanum, 3 vol. H. Stephani Thesaurus Gr. 5 vol. ch. max. Caesaris Comment. edit. splendid. a Clarke Plato Serrani, 3 vol. Plutarchus Rualdi, 2 vol. Paris Aristoteles, a Du Val, 2 vol. Herodotus Wesselingii, edit. opt. Thucydides Dukeri Ptolemaei Geographia Bertii Lucianus Bourdelotii Polybius Casauboni Plinius Harduini, 3 vol. ch. max. turc. Corpus Poetarum Latinorum, 2 vol. Medicae Artis Principes, 4 vol. Montfaucon's Antiquities, 7 vol. L. P. Religious Ceremonies, 6 vol. Biographia Britannica, 7 vol. Chambers's Dict. and Supp. 4 vol. Russia Cambden's Britannia, 2 vol. best edit. Horsley's Britannia Romana, large paper Borlase's Antiq. of Cornwall, 2 vol. Dugdale's Warwickshire, L. P. Russia Blomefield's Norfolk, 3 vol. King's Vale Royal of England Atlas par De Lisle Calmet Commentaire sur la Bible, 9 tom. Vocabul. Portuguez, pelo Bluteau, 6 vol. Guthrie, Ralph, Carte, Kennet, Rapin, Hume, and Smollet's Histories of England, best editions James, Johnson, Bailey, Ainsworth, Postlethwayte, Chambers, Chambaud, and Miller's Dictionaries Clarke, Tillotson, Locke, Bacon, Bolingbroke, Milton, and Pope's Works, best editions A compleat Set of Elzivir Classics, 45 vol. in Morocco Albin and Edwards on Birds, finely coloured Which will be sold (the Prices printed in the Catalogue) on Monday the 16th of May 1768, and continue daily on Sale. By John Whiston, Bookseller, At No. 64, in Fleet-Street


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