Life's vagaries, a comedy

Publication Date1795
Remainderin five acts. As performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. Written by John O'Keffe, Author of Tony Lumpkin in Town; The Son in Law; The Dead Alive; Agreeable Surprize; Fontainbleau, or Our Way in France; The Positive Man; The Poor Soldier; Love in a Camp, or Patrick in Prussia; The Farmer; The Castle of Andalusia; The Young Quaker; Beggar on Horseback; Peeping Tom; The Prisoner at Large; The Toy, or Hampton Court Frolicks; Wild Oats, or The Strolling Gentleman; Little Hunchback; The Siege of Curzola; Modern Antiques, or The Merry Mourners; The Highland Reel; Birth Day, or Prince of Arragon; Sprigs of Laurel; The World in a Village; The London Hermit, or Rambles in Dorsetshire; The Irish Mimick, or Blunders at Brighton, &c. &c. &c
Publisherprinted by G. Woodfall, for T.N. Longman, Paternoster-Row




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