Micrographia illustrata

Publication Date1747
Remainderor, the knowledge of the microscope explain'd: together with an account of a new invented universal, Single or Double, microscope, Either of which is capable of being applied to an Improv'd Solar Apparatus. This Treatise contains a Description of the Nature, Uses, and Magnifying Powers of Microscopes in general; together with full Directions how to prepare, apply, and examine, as well as preserve, all Sorts of minute Objects: Also an Account of The principal Microscopical Discoveries, that have hitherto been mentioned by the most celebrated Authors, together with a great Variety of new Experiments and Observations. The Whole being, as it were, A Natural History of a Multitude of Aerial, Terrestrial, and Aquatick Animals, Seeds, Plants, &c. To which is added, A Translation of Mr. Joelott's Observations on the Animalcula, that are found in many different Sorts of Infusions; and A very particular Account of that surprising Phaenomenon, The Fresh Water Polype, translated from the French Treatise of Mr. Trembley. This Work is compiled for the Assistance of those, who are desirous of surveying the extensive Beauties of the minute Creation; And is illustrated with 65 copper-plates, curiously engrav'd, which contain above 560 Pictures of Microscopic Objects. By George Adams, Mathematical, Philosophical, and Optical Instrument-Maker, at Tycho Brabe's Head, in Fleet-Street
Publisherprinted for, and sold by the author, and by Samuel Birt, in Ave Mary Lane


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