The shepherdess of the Alps, or, virtue's sure reward

Publication Date1780
RemainderBeing a very interesting, pathetic, & moral tale, founded on facts. Containing an Account of one Adelaide, the Daughter of a wealthy Family in France, who fell in love with Count Orestan, an Officer in the Army, with whom she privately married, and fled to briancon; her Fondness prevailed with him to stay two Days too long with her. He then set out on his Journey towards his Army, but how fatal was the News to his Ear; the Battle over, his Army performed Actions of Valour, and he not at the Head of it Over-Whelmed with Grief at the Cloud of Dishonour, he hasted back to Adelaide; he met her in a Grove, when he relates to her his Distress of Mind in so moving a Manner, that she fell on the Ground in a Swoon; he took that Opportunity instantaneously to put an End to his Shame and Disgrace, and shot himself. The Sound of the Pistol awoke her from her Swoon: The affecting Manner in which she buried and mourned for him. - She turns Shepherdess, and attends Sheep on the Commons, when a very surprising Adventure happens, which was the Occasion of her future Happiness, on Account of her Marriage with a noble Lord, where she proved herself the most charming and amiable of Women. She was a Model for those who had long shone in the Circle of distinguished Life, and was a virtuous Pattern to her Sex.
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