A catalogue of books, prints, and books of prints

Publication Date1792
RemainderFor 1792. Consisting of a great variety of curious articles, Selected from the valuable Libraries which have been sold during the last Winter; consisting of antient Mss. and missals, illuminated on vellum and paper; capital books of prints, histories of counties, black-letter books, &c. amongst which are the following: Folio. Gough's Sepul. Monum. Ogilby's Homer, L. P. Pine's Tapestry Campo's Crem[o]na Funeral of Albert A. Austria MS. Missal, illuminated Hollar's Cathedrals Bullart's Academie, 2 vol. Sir W. Hamilton's Vases Quarto. Grainger's Biography, with Portraits Life of Aesop, by Dudley Rademaker's Views, 4 vol. Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book British Autography Brand's Newcastle Dresses of all the Relig-Coloured Richardson on Painting Twelves. Ancient Poetry, 26 vol. in Morocco And many others equally Scarce and Valuable. The books are now selling, for ready money only, the price of every book printed in the catalogue, By John Simco, book and print seller, No. 11, Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. Catalogues (price Sixpence) may be had of the following Booksellers, S. Hayes, No. 332, Oxford Street; Egerton, Whitehall; Sewell, Cornhill; Cook, Oxford; Merrills and Lunn, Cambridge; and Archer, Dublin. The full Value given for any Library or Parcel of Books, also Books exchanged.


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