A catalogue of books and prints

Publication Date1788
RemainderContaining several Valuable Collections, purchased in France and Italy. Amongst them are the following rare Books. Nuremberg Chronicle Ogilby's Homer, L. P. Houbraken's Heads Fuggerorum & Fuggerarum Ritratti D'uomini Illustri Toscani, 2 tom. Visscher's Bible Sandford's Coronation of James II. Medailles de Louis le Grand, L. P. Vandyk's Icones Icones Operum Misericordiae Museum Odeschalcum Bullart's Academie, 2 tom. Holland's Herologia Adnotationes & Meditationes, a Natali Carter's Antient Sculpture Campo's Cremona Froissart's Chronicle, MS. Epirres & Evan. Jehan de Vignay, MS. Passion de nostre Seignoir Jesus Christ, MS. MS. Missals MS. Bible MS. Paintings of the different Orders of the Romish Church Heures, printed on vellum Histoires Prodigieuses Prymer of Salysbery Expedicion into Scotland Rutter of the Sea. Golden Letany Heath's Chronicle Lessyons of Parliament Bayle's Dictionary, 5 vol. Burnet's own Time, 2 vol. L. P. Orake's York Dugdale's Warwickshire, 2 vol. - St. Paul's Duncan's Caesar, L. P. Edmonson's Heraldry, 2 vol. Fabian's Chronicle Fuller's Worthies General Dictionary, 10 vol. Guillim's Heraldry Horseley's Britannia Peck's Stamford Rapin's History, 5 vol. Stukeley's Itinerarium Curiosum Thoresby's Leeds Blome's Bible Chambers's Dictionary, 4 vol. Taylor the Water Poet's Works Galerie Francoise. Mezeray Histoire de France, 3 tom. Montfaucon Monarchie Francoise, 5 tom. Thevet's Portraits Antiquarian Repertory, 2 tom. Bentham's Ely Europe Illustre, 6 tom. Histoire des Ordres Monastiques, 8 tom. Antient and Modern History, 60 vol. Crantz's Greenland, 2 vol. Gale's Winchester Mackerell's Lynn Maundevile's Voyage, L. P. Willis's Notitia, 2 vol. Howard Earl of Surrey's Poems Linnaei Flora Laponica - Species Plantarum, 2 vol. Rossi Historia Regni Angliae, a Hearns Whitworth's Russia, Strawberry-Hill The Books in general are in exceeding good Condition, some of them in elegant Bindings; and are now selling very cheap. The Price of each is printed in the Catalogue, and marked on the first leaf; they are meant to be sold for Ready Money only, without excepting the Trade in Town or Country. By John Simco, Bookseller, No. 11, Great Queen-Street, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields. Which will begin selling on July 1, 1788, and continue on Sale till all are sold. Catalogues to be had of the following Booksellers (price 6d, to be allowed to Purchasers of Ten Shillings): Mr. S. Hayes, No. 332, Oxford-Street; Mr. Taylor, No. 56, Holborn; Mr. Anderson, Holborn-Hill; Mr. J. Walker, Paternoster-Row; Mr. Sewell, Cornhill; W. Brown, No. 210. Strand; T. and J. Egerton, Whitehall; and of Messrs. Fletcher, Prince, and Cook, Oxford; Mertill, Cambridge; the principal Booksellers in England; and at the Place of Sale. N. B. The full Value ... for any Library, or Parcel of Books.


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