A modern universal table

Publication Date1756
Remainderthe most copious and authentick that ever was published, of the present state of the real and imaginary monies of the world: divided into four parts, viz. Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Which are Sub-Divided into Sixty Parts or Lines, containing the Names of the most Capital Places, the Species whereof are specified, each Sub-Division in one Line, ascending from the Beginning to the End, teaching how the Monies are reckoned by the respective Nations; and Figures standing under the Denomination of each Foreign Piece, is the English intrinsick Value thereof, according to the best Assays made at the Mint of the Tower of London. Explanation. By Real Money, is understood an effective Specie, representing in itself, the Value denominated thereby, as, A Guinea, &c. (other Pieces, as A Pound Sterling, &c. - This Mark is prefixed to the Imaginary Money, which is generally made use of in keeping Accompts, signifying a fictitious Piece which is not in being, or which cannot be represented but by several - This Mark of Alligation and Dependance is the Sign of Equality, signifying is, make, or equal to. - This Mark is set under each Line, to lead the Eye to the intrinsick Value in Sterling of each Foreign Piece standing over it, and all Fractions therein contained are Parts of a Penny. The whole contrived and accurately calculated, by John Paraire, who disowns all such tables, which are not signed by himself as counterfeits, And is willing to clear any Doubt that may arise about the Monies of any Place, and to resolve any Questions either in Exchange or Arbitrations. Humbly Dedicated to the merchants of England
Extent1 sheet
Publisherprinted for the author; sold by William Sleater; and by the author


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