A catalogue of very curious and valuable books

Publication Date1733
RemainderConsisting of several hundreds of volumes: in Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, and English; in almost all parts of literature. Amongst great numbers no less valuable are the following. Folio. Mabillon de Re Diplomatica. Malyne's Lex Mercatoria, best. Sir W. Temple's works, 2 vol. Salmasius in Julii Solini Poly-Histor. 2 vol. historin?ormanorum scriptor. Antiqui, a duchesne. Ciceronis opera omnia, 2 vol. Guillim's Heraldry, best edition. Phavorini Lexicon Rom. edit. ---- basil edit. Castle's Villa's of the antients. Puffendorff's law of nature and nations. Mariana's history of Spain, 2 vol. Spanish. The same in Engl. by Stevens. Howell's history of the world, 4 vol. Fiddes's life of card. Wolsey. Bingham's antiquities, 2 vol. Fabri thesaurus erudit. schol. Patrick's commentary on the Bible, 3 vol. Stowe's survey of London, 2 vol. best edition. Salingre thesaurus antiq. Rom. 3 vol. Quarto. Ciceronis opera omnia gronov. 2 vol. Essais de Montaign, 3 vol. Hist. de France, par Mezeray, 3 tom. Tournefort's Voyage to the levant, 2 vol. with cuts. Octavo, &c. Leland's Itinerary, by Hearne, 9 vol. La Roche's memoirs of literature, 8 vol. Horace, par Dacier, 10 tom. To be sold very cheap, by Harmen Noorthouck, at Cicero's-head against St. Clement's-Church in the Strand, on Wednesday the 11th of April, 1733. The price being put on the first leaf of each book. Catalogues may be had gratis, at Mr. Woodward's, bookseller, in Fleetstreet; Mr. Innys's, in St. Paul's Church-yard; Mr. Strahan's, in Cornhill; Mr. Lewis's, in Russel-street, Covent-Garden; Mr. Jackson's, in Pall-Mall; Mr. Brindly's and Mr. Shropshire's, in New-Bond-street; and at the place of sale: where gentlemen's libraries are either bought or sold


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