Essays on several entertaining and useful subjects

Publication Date1746
Remainderviz. 1. The origin of letters. 2. The Use of Glass among the Ancients. 3. On Augury or Divination. 4. On the Electricity of Human Bodies. 5. On the Office of Censor. 6. On Astronomy. 7. On Society. 8. On Insects. 9. On Christmas Day. 10. On Bees, with a Letter on the Production of other Insects. 11. On the Amazons. 12. On the Grandeur of the Great Mogul. 13. On a Burning Island in the Archipelago. 14. On the Doctrine of Expiation or Attonement among the Heathens. 15. On the Temples of the Ancients. 16. On uncommon vast Desarts, and barren Tracts of the World. 17. On the Levees of Prime Ministers of State. 18. On the Vulcano or burning Mountain Vesuvius. 19. On the vulcano of Ętna. By a society of gentlemen
Publisherprinted for R. Adams, at Dryden's Head, Holborn-Bars; and H. Slater, at the Golden Key in Clare-Court, Drury Lane


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