Librorum in omnibus fere? artibus & scientiis insignium

Publication Date1732
Remainderatque a? celeberrimis plerumque typographis excusorum, catalogus. = A catalogue of curious, scarce and valuable books in all arts and sciences. Several of them printed by the most eminent printers. Among which are, Folio. The Battles of Alexander. The Count Marsilli's History of the Danube, 6 vol. Vitruvius Britannicus, 3 vol. Large Paper. Dart's Antiquities of Westminster, 2 vol. Large Paper. Bidloo's Anatomy. Montfaucon's Antiquities, 10 vol. 1st Edition. Voyages de le Brun, 2 vol. Columna Antoniniana. Colonna Trajana de Bartoli. Traites de Paix, 4 vol. Corps Universelle Diplomatique, 16 vol. Dictionaire de Richelet, 3 vol. - de Morery, 6 vol. - de Bayle, 4 vol. - de L'academie, 2 vol. - de Furetiere, 4 vol. Hudson's Josephus, 2 vol. Oeuvres de Bayle, 4 vol. Etat de la France, 3 vol. Large and Small Paper. Folio. Anstis's Order of the Garter, 2 v. Whitlock's Memorials. Breval's Travels, 2 vol. Raleigh's Hist. of the World, best. Rushworth's Collections, 8 vol. Burnet's Reformation, 3 vol. State Tracts, 3 vol. Tillotson's Works, 3 vol. Temple's Works, 2 vol. Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, 3 vol. Winwood's Memorials, 3 vol. Bayle's Dictionary, Eng. 4 vol. Corpus Byzantinae Hist. 11 vol. Hudson's Thucydides, 2 vol. Large Paper. Corpus Poetarum, 2 vol. Large Paper. Seldeni Opera, 6 vol. Italia Sacra. 10 vol. Antiche Syracuse, 2 vol. Caperonerius's Quintilian, Large Paper. Harris's Lexicon, 2 vol. Hall's Chronicle compleat. With several Hundreds more, all curiously Bound, the most part Gilt and Letter'd. Which will begin to be sold very cheap, the lowest price fixed in each book, on Tuesday, June 6th, 1732. beginning at Eight in the Morning, by J. Brindley, at the King's-Arms, in New Bond-Street. Catalogues to be had at the Place of Sale, and at Mr. Woodman's, Bookseller in Russel-Street, Covent-Garden.


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