A new and complete illustration of the celestial science of astrology: or, The art of foretelling future events and contingencies by the aspects, positions, and influences of the heavenly bodies

Publication Date1784
RemainderFounded on natural philosophy, scripture, reason, and the mathematics. In four parts. Part I. An enquiry into, the defence of astrology; ... Part II. Examples for acquiring a practical knowledge of astrology, with rules for calculating, rectifying, and judging nativities; ... Part III. Meteorological astrology defined and explained: ... To which is added, a collection of improved tables, contrived to answer all the purposes of astronomical calculations. Part IV. The distinction between astrology, and the diabolical practice of exorcism; in which the methods used for raising up and consulting spirits, are laid open, with various, instances of their compacts with wicked men. Account off applications and spirits; including a general display of the mysteries of witchcraft, divination, charms, and necromancy. Compiled from a series of intense study and application, and founded on real examples and experience. By Ebenezer Sibly, Astro, Philo. Embellished with curious copper-plates
Publisherprinted for E. Beetham, in Cornhill


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