A genuine narrative of the lives, adventures, escapes, and trial, of Joseph and George Weston

Publication Date1782
Remainderconvicted July 6, 1782, of capital crimes. With several original letters of clergymen. The whole exhibiting a most striking view of human nature, in its utmost depravity, in a series of frauds, villainies, and highway robberies, scarcely to be paralleled in the annals of infamy; which mark the complection of the characters of the brothers, from the dawn of youth, until they filled up the measure of their iniquity, and forfeited their lives the the injured laws of their country. Written by an impartial hand.
Publishersold by T. Massey, No. 18, Snow Hill, and No. 61, Holborn Hill; John French, Turnstile, Holborn; Breadhower and Harmood, of Portsmouth; and Longleads, of Gosport

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