A catalogue of several valuable libraries

Publication Date1760
Remainderand Parcels of Books lately purchas'd; Consisting of many Thousand Volumes of scarce, curious and useful Books, In different Languages and Sciences, Including a good Collection of Law Books; being the Study of a late eminent Attorney. Among which are: Graevii & Gronovii Thes. Antiq. 70 tom. Rymeri Foedera, 20 vol. Thuanus, a Buckley, 7 vol. Annales Ord. S. Benedicti, 5 vol. Thesaurus Morellianus, 2 vol. Josephus, Havercampi, 2 vol. Maittaire Corpus Poetar. 2 vol. Euripides, a Barries Platonis Opera Serrani, 3 vol. Plato Ficini, Edit. opt. Caesar, a Clarke Thucidides, Duckeri Septuaginta Graeca Roma S. Athanasius, Edit. opt. 3 vol. S. Chrysostomus, Edit. opt. 13 vol. Clerici Com. in Vet. Test. 5 vol. Critici Sacri, 10 vol. Philo Judaeus, a Mangey, 2 vol. Hofmanni Lexicon Histor. 4 v. ed. opt. Chambers's Dictionary and Supplement, in S vol. Bayle's Dict. 5v. large and small paper Ainsworth's Lat. and Engl. Dict. 2 v. Biographia Brit. 4 vol. Dict. de Bayle, 4 tom. Dict. de Moreri, 6 tom. Dict. de Trevoux, 5 tom. Dict. de Savary, 3 tom. Dict. de Martiniere, 10 tom. Snidae Lexicon, Kusteri, 3 vol. Aldrovandi Opera, 13 vol. Bidloo Anatomia Raii Hist. Plantarum, 3 tom. Saxton's Maps, scarce Houbraken's Heads, royal paper, russia Temple of the Muses, russia Religious Ceremonies, 6 vol. Ruins of Balbec and Palmyra The Cartoons, by Dorigny, morocco Medailles de Louis le Grand Campbell's Vitruvius, 3 vol. Noblemens Seats, 4 vol. Burnet's Reformation, 3 vol. Camden's Britannia, 2 vol. Rushworth's Collections, 8 vol. Dugdale's Baronage, 2 vol. Peck's Desiderata Curiosa, Eng. 2 v. State Trvals, 8 vol. Dugdale's Warwickshire, 2 vol. Anstis's Register of the Garter, 2 vol. Clarendon's History, 3 vol. Tyrrel's History of England, 5 vol. Guthrie and Ralph's ditto, 5 vol. State Tracts of William and Charles II. 5 vol. Thurloe, 7 vol. large and small paper Norden's Travels, 2 vol. Sloane's Hist. of Jamaica, 2 vol. Churchill's Voyages, 6 vol. Le Brun's Travels into Persia, 2 vol. Mortraye's Travels, 3 vol. Statutes, 6 vol. new edit. with the Acts Cowper's Anatomy Oxford Musaeum Farnesianum, 10 tom. Philosophical Transactions at large, 50 vol. complete The Books are in very good Condition; many of them on Royal Paper, and in elegant Bindings. And will begin to be sold (the lowest Price of each Book being printed in the Catalogue) On Thursday, February the 7th, 1760. By L. Davis and C. Reymers, At their Great Room, against Gray's Inn Gate, Holborn. Catalogues may be had at the Place of Sale, Price Six-Pence, to be allowed in any Purchase; also of Mr. Dodsley, Pallmall; Mr. Chapelle, Grosvenor street; Mr. Walter, Charing Cross; Mr. Owen, Temple Bar; Mr. Brackstone, Royal Exchange. The full Value for any Library or Parcel of Books.

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