A catalogue of several libraries lately purchased

Publication Date1751
RemainderParticularly of The Right Hon. Countess Dowager of Portland, George Proctor, Esq; Counsellor at Law. The Rev. Squire Payne, M. A. Archdeacon of Stowe, and Mr. Josiah Holder, of the Navy-Office. Containing above Twelve Thousand Volumes of Choice and curious books in various Languages, and in all Branches of useful and polite Learning. Many of them on Royal Paper, and in elegant Condition. Among which are Folio. Rymer's Foedera &c. 17 vol Journals of the H. of Commons 10 vol Calendars to the Lords Journals Statutes at Large 7 vol best edit. Madox's Hist. of the Exchequer Prynne's Records 3 vol Roy. Paper Dr. Hill's Nat. Hist. 2 vol Roy. Pap. col Cheselden on the Bones Roy. Pap. Cowper on the Muscles Roy. Pap. Relig. Ceremonies. Picarts Cuts 6 vol Montfaucon's Antiquities 6 vol Churchill's Voyages 4 vol Harris's Voyages 2 vol System of Geography 2 vol. Campbell's Vitruvius Britan. 3 vol Chambers's Dictionary 2 vol Collier's Dictionary 4 vol Purchas's Pilgrims 5 vol Mr. Boyles Works 5 vol Mr. Locke's Works 3 vol Ld. Bacon's Works 4 vol Basket's Imperial Bible 2 vol ruled and finely bound, blue Turkey. Patrick Lowth and Whitby 6 vol Dr. Clarke's Works 4 vol Bp. Stillingfleets Works 6 vol Philosoph. Transact. abridg. 9 vol 4 to Histoire Romaine 20 vol 4 to Vies de Plutarque 9 vol 4 to gr. pap. Rapin Hist. x vol Gr. Pap. Lord Somers's Tracts 12 vol 4 to Graevii Antiq. Italiae & Siciliae 45 tom Hist. Byzant Scriptores 30 vol Erasmi Opera 11 vol Ger. Vossii Opera 6 vol Calasii Concord. Hebraea 4 vol Hortus Malabaricus 12 vol Dr. Clark's Caesar a fine Copy Aristophanes, Kusteri Ch. max. Herodotus Gronovii Ch. max. Plato Serrani 3 vol Cicero Manuccii 4 vol Aeschylus Stanleii H. Stephani Thes. Ling. Gr. 5 vol Dictionaire de Trevoux 6 vol. Antiquite de Montfaucon 15 vol Calmet sur la Bible 9 vol Hist. de Chine 4 vol Grand Pap. Thuani Hist. par Buckley 7 vol Ruysch Theatrum Animal. 2 vol Flamstead Atias & Hist. Caelest. 4 vol A Compleat Sett of the Philosoph. Transactions from No. 1 to 1744 in 31 vols Quarto. Cambridge Classics 5 vol Roy. Pap. Fleury Hist. Eccles. 20 vol Grand Papier. A great many of the Classics ad usum Delphini, Paris editions. A large Number of the Variorum Classics And a very good Collection of Law Books. Which will be sold very cheap, (the Price Printed in the Catalogue) on Monday August 26th, 1751. and continue till all are Sold. By John Whiston and Benj. White, Booksellers in Fleetstreet. Catalogues may be had (pr. 6d.) of Mr. Merrill at Cambridge, Mr. J. Fletcher at Oxford, Mr. Dodsley, Pall-Mall, Mr. Strahan in Cornhill; and at all the principal Booksellers in England, Mr. Kincaid, at Edinburgh, and Messrs. Ewing, at Dublin.

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