Reasons for and against lowering the gold and silver of this kingdom

Publication Date1760
Remainderor rather to estimate all gold and silver here at the price of bullion, as we have no mint: The Silver to be the Rule or Standard of Gold, as 1 to 15; that is, 15 Ounces of Silver to constitute the Value of 1 Ounce of Gold:----The Silver at 5 s. 4 d. and the Gold at 3 l. 18 s. 6 d. per Ounce, English; which was the Average-Price of both, at a Medium, these ten Years last past. In three letters directed to J. P. J. And One Letter to a Friend. And humbly inscribed and Dedicated to Hely Hutchinson, Esq. the Darling of the People, by his most obedient humble Servant, Publicola. Publicola

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