Royal reflections, from Monday the twenty-third of February, to Sunday the first of March, inclusive

Publication Date1789
RemainderComprising the political sentiments of convalescent majesty; wherein are characterised the following personages, the Q-n, the P-nc-ss-s, the H-r Ap-r-t, the Duke of Y-k, the Duke of C-mb-rl-d, the Duke of R-ch-m-d, Lords Th-rl-w, C-md-n, S-dn-y, B-te, N-th, Mr. P-t, Mr. F-x, Mr. B-ke, Mr. Sh-n, Doctor W-s, Doctor W-n, &c. &c. &c
PublisherPrinted at the Logographic Press, and sold by J. Walter, No. 169, Piccadilly; C. Stalker, Stationer's Court, Ludgate Hill, and W. Richardson, under the Royal Exchange

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