Youth's introduction to trade and business

Publication Date1748
RemainderContaining I. Tables of the most usual clerk-like contractions of words; with proper directions how to address persons of elevated rank, and those in office. II. Acquittances and promissory notes diversified, and adapted to such circumstances as occur in real business. III. Variety of bills of parcels, and bills on book-debts, to enter the learner in the manner and methods of commerce, and to make him ready at computation. IV. Bills of exchange, with necessary directions for the right understanding and management of remittances, with various orders for goods, letters of credit, invoyces, and other merchant-like examples. V. Authentic forms of such law-precedents, as are most frequently met with in the course of traffic. VI. Small collections of questions interspersed, to exercise the learner in the common rules of arthmetic, to use him to calculation, and to bring him acquainted with the use, the properties and excellency of numbers, by way of recreation. The sixth edition, corrected, augmented, new-modell'd, and considerably improved. By M. Clare, master of the academy in Soho-Square, London. Where youth are boarded, educated, and qualified either for the university, the compting-house, or the publick offices
PublisherPrinted for R. Hett, in the Poultry; S. Birt, ... and ... Little-Britain


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