A compleat history of the intrigues of priests and nuns

Publication Date1746
RemainderWherein is contain'd, I. The adventures of the most principal of them, with their Method of Courtship. II. Their Confessions, with the lewd Use made of them. III. The Case of Miss Catherine Cadiere. IV. A signal Cheat, transacted by the Dominicans. V. The case of seduction; with an Account of the Proceedings against the Abbe de Rues, for Committing Rapes on 133 Maidens. To which is added, Rome's custom-house for sin: or, a table of the several sums of money to be paid for dispensations of all Crimes and Villanies. Adorn'd with cuts
Publisherprinted for Richard Adams, at Dryden's Head Holborn-Bars

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