An answer to the report from the committee appointed by the Court of Common Council, "To enquire into the assertions lately circulated respecting the affairs of the corporation, &c." proving the same to be partial, unjust, and untrue

Publication Date1785
RemainderWith answers to the several defences of the city officers from John Wilkes, Esq. Chamberlain, down to the keepers of the Poultry and Wood-street compters. An appeal to the justice and humanity of the court. And a further appeal to the citizens of London; with some strictures on our police. By Josiah Dornford, Esq. To which is added, an interesting letter written by the secretary to the "Society for the relief and discharge of persons imprisoned for small debts." Addressed to the Lord Mayor, alderman, and commons, proving the truth of Fidelio's assertions about the fees
PublisherPrinted and sold by J. Andrews, No. 10, Little Eastcheap; J. Bew, No. 22, Paternoster Row; Mr. Richardson, Royal Exchange; W. Hales, No. 127, Fenchurch Street; and No. 14, Philpot Lane; where may be had Fidelio's letter to the Common Council


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