The debates at the Quarterly General Court held at the East India House, on Wednesday, March 20, 1799, on a motion to vote the thanks of the court to Admira Lord Nelson

Publication Date1799
RemainderFor the important services he had rendered to the East India Company; by the decisive victory over the French Fleet, near the Mouth of the Nile, on the 1st, 2nd, and 3d of August last, and to recommend it to the court of directors to take those services into consideration, and present to Lord Nelson some valuable and appropriate acknowledgment, in testimony of the grateful sense the company entertain of the important benefits resulting to them from His Lordships magnanimous conduct on that glorious event. And also, on a motion for printing all papers which have been under the consideration of the court of directors relating to illicit trade to and from India; with the interesting debate that took place on the subject of Mr. Bosanquet's (the chairman) charges against David Scott, Esq. and others, with the amendment moved and carried. Reported by William Woodfall
PublisherPrinted for the reporter, (by T. Gillet, Crown-Court, Fleet-Street,) and sold by J. Debrett, Piccadilly; T. Woodfall, No. 104, Drury-Lane; and Messrs. Murray and Highley, Fleet-Street. Of whom may be had, Mr. Woodfall's reports of Debates within the last five years

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