The seaman's complete daily assistant, and new mariner's compass: being an easy method of keeping a journal at sea

Publication Date1800
RemainderContaining rules for working the cases in plane, middle latitude, and Mercator's sailing, by the tables of difference of latitude and departure. The method to find the latitude, longitude, and variation of the compass; how allowances are to be made for Lee-way, variation, heave of the sea, setting of the currents, and to correct the dead reckoning by an observation for a single day or many; with all the tables requisite to be used at sea. The whole exemplified in a journal from the Lizard to the island of St. Mary and every day's work pricked off upon a Mercator's chart. To which is prefixed A short and easy treatise on arithmetic: containing the necessary rules of common arithmetic, decimal fractions, the extraction of the square and cube roots, with their use in measuring all kinds of boards, planks, cases, casks, bales, and packages, usually taken on board. The gauging of casks, and finding a ship's tonnage, worked by figures, gunter's scale and logarithms. Likewise the methods of keeping a ship's accounts, disbursements, the forms of cargo-books, receipts for wages, invoice and manifest of goods, bills of parcels, and letters of credit. The whole rendered so plain, that any person may gain a sufficient knowledge of the above by their own application, without any other assistance. To this edition is added, the use fo Hadley's Quadrat and Mercator's chart, with many valuable improvements. By John Hamilton Moore, teacher of navigation, hydrographer and chart-seller to His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence
PublisherPrinted by J. Crowder, Warwick-Square, Newgate-Street; for G.G. and J. Robinson, and Longman and Rees, in Pater-Noster-Row; Laurie and Whittle, Fleet-Street; C. Law, in Ave-Marine Lane; J. Hardy and Sons, High-Street, Shadwell; and the author, on Tower-Hill


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