The holland merchant's companion

Publication Date1715
Remainderor, remarks on the trade, customs and exchange of Holland with England. Containing, I. Some remarks on exchange in general; with Directions for the Accepting and Protesting a Bill of Exchange. II. Remarks, with Examples, and useful Tables, of the Exchange between England and Holland. III. A Description of the Bank at Amsterdam; shewing what the Agio is; with a Table for finding the same. IV. Remarks on the Corn Trade; shewing the Customs, Duties and Exchanges on Corn in Rotterdam; with a useful Table for the ready Casting up a Corn Account. V. A list of the customs which are paid in Holland, for most of the Goods Exported to, or Imported from England. Taken out of the Dutch Book of Rates. By T B.
Publisherprinted by H. Collins, for the author


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